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VLifeBase: Build and visualize molecules
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The VLifeBase component provides features to build a molecule from scratch using 2D Draw and a single click conversion to 3D. The visualization features are a powerful help to understand the molecular structure and for molecule comparison while the editing facility allows easy manipulation to the molecules displayed.
Key features
Molecular Builder and Editor
VLifeBase supports many common file formats thus making it very easy to directly read molecule structure files. Alternatively, molecules can be drawn using the intuitive built-in 2D Draw App. Various templates provided within 2D Draw App enable faster drawing of molecules. A 3D editor facilitates addition, modification, replacement and deletion of atoms, bonds and groups while convenient Undo and Redo operations make editing a molecule very easy.
Molecule Visualizer and Modifier
VLife Base provides facilities to render molecules in various forms to suit different modeling requirements. Molecules can be viewed in line, stick, ball and stick and space fill options and customized for thickness, color and size to increase aesthetic value. Further, the Molecule Modifier provides options for viewing or hiding information about the molecule including hydrogen, atoms, bonds, groups etc.
Alignment of antibacterial compounds
Alignment of antibacterial compounds using template based method
Advantages of VLife products
Peer reviewed algorithms
Algorithms in VLifeMDS have wide acceptance in scientific community. These algorithms are either published or are patent pending. There are multiple case studies of research conducted with VLifeMDS.
Ease of plug-in / plug-out
Although an integrated platform, VLifeMDS has a modular architecture. Customers can buy the whole suite in one-go or buy incrementally as per the evolving needs of their research projects. Incremental module additions seamlessly integrate with rest of the modules to provide a consistent experience.
Ease of customization & integration
VLifeMDS is developed fully in-house with complete ownership of every line of code. This provides unprecedented flexibility to add-on/ customize the product to suit customer specifications as well as integrating it to customers' existing discovery workbench.
Case studies: Application of VLife products
Pharmacophore identification and lead optimization Pharmacophore identification and lead optimization for novel antifungals View
NMDA agonist Development and screening of NMDA agonist View
Phosphorylation Vs Glycosylation Phosphorylation Vs Glycosylation in targets of Hexosaminebiosynthetic pathway View
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